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Black and white self portrait by MissYennon
Black and white self portrait
I got the iPhone 6 Plus, and the camera is pretty excellent. And yeah, I've since pierced my lip since the last selfies, lol.
<da:thumb id="487192462"/>

So, I'm working on my next video and I feel so doubtful... deep breaths. I got this. I just wish I had a friend who was proficient in video editing :/ But, I've got google to try and figure it out. At least there's that... I remember a time when I was completely on my own to try and figure out this program to animate cursors. I put so much time into it, I actually managed to animate a pixel Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX to flip her hair. That was so long ago, but it's proof enough if I work at it, I'll learn. I just keep reminding myself of it.

Good news; I figured out my microphone and the sound is a LOT better.

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Well... it's late, but I finished my first youtube video. I hate it so god damn much :dead: but I worked on it for three days straight, gave up twice, and had to completely start over once. I feel ill after all this, so... here. It's done. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to go pass out :no:

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dA looks different o.O

I went to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and RIGHT AWAY met PeanutButterGamer (again) and BrutalMoose. The second we walked onto the showroom floor, I stopped and said to Angel, "Is that PBG?" She has bad eyes, so she kept saying "where?" and "No." So I walk over, thinking she's right. I'm looking at the video games they have displayed when Angel goes, "Oh, that is PBG, and BrutalMoose is with him." I dropped a game I was holding and went, "Oh god!!!" and tried to walk away ^^; Angel and I just kinda averted our gazes and argued through whispers, "You go up to them. ... YOU go up to them!!!" They left the showroom floor, and I was like, FUCK IT, I'm going to look like a stalker and follow them! So we did (while Angel begged me not to, lmao). I caught sight of my brother and waved him over, telling him excitedly that PBG and BrutalMoose (whom I will call Ian from here out) were right over there, and HE approached them (GOD I'm a wuss). My brother talked to them for a little bit, and I lean over to Ian and I said, "Hey. My sister has been going on and on for weeks about how badly she wants to hug you and get a picture." Oh lord was it adorable. Angel first got her picture, and he turned to her and put his arms out and said, "Are we hugging?" So they hug, and he doesn't let go of her right away. He squeezed her, and shook her a little bit, and she damn near cried because she was so happy XD aww! Then it was my turn!!! As I hugged him I was like, "I harass you on tumblr, and I'm REALLY sorry about it." He asked who I was, I said I was MissYennon. He didn't recall, and asked what my picture was. I described it, but I knew he wouldn't remember that either. So then I was like, "I told you about my brother taking a picture of your back at PAX." THEN he remembered! :rofl: And then I turned to PBG and asked him for a hug, WHICH I GOT XD and I mentioned it was our second meeting, and he was all "I thought so!" :D "I chased you up the escalator!!" "Oh yeah!! YOU DID!" ^^; bwahaha!!!

We parted ways, where Angel and I hung out with our brother for a little bit until I suddenly noticed SpaceHamster (Jeff) was standing over there with PBG and Ian. So we went over there AGAIN, and I stood there patiently while my brother talked to him for a little bit. He looked at me, and I said, "I like your stuff too." He asked me what my name was, and I was about to say "Rachelle" when I wondered what he would do if I said my username. "Yennon." He started to nod, but then I saw recognition flash in his eyes, and he said, "Oh! We've talked on tumblr." I smiled and nodded, "Yes we have." We got a few pictures, I joked about Angel being in love with Ian; Jeff said Ian has that effect on people, and I responded, "I know! He got me too! God, my heart's still broken..!" haha ^.^

LATER, we went to their panel which was a lot of fun! After, Angel got her Hyrulian Shield pillow signed by PBG, BrutalMoose, SpaceHamster, and ProJared. I shook Jared's hand and was a little rude to him to see how he would react. It was funnier than I had expected it to be ^^; I told him I loved his stuff, but sometimes I feel like I hate him. His arm got a limp and he looked sad, but I kept shaking it ^-^;;; and then I left it at that without apologizing. I feel a bit bad about it, but I also feel like he knew it was a joke ^^;

The next day I actually went to the con on my own! I saw them all again, and we smiled at each other, but that was about it. I ran into Jeff who recognized me again and said hey. That was cool ^.^ I went to ProJared's panel and got to see his next video early :D woohoo! I walked around a bit more, then went home. I had a great time ^-^

SO, I got my new computer!! It cost me a lot of money, and I'm in the poorhouse for a while... better make it worth it!!! The goal is to make a video by Halloween! I'll let you guys know when I put it up ^.~

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I went to PAX Prime last weekend. At first, I was annoyed by how hot it was in the buildings, and I got lost looking for a bathroom and had to text my sister repeatably trying to tell her where I was :dead: When we finally caught up to each other, I found Steve Zaragoza from SourceFed competing in a game with three other people. I stood there for maybe half an hour hoping I could possibly meet him. But the most I got was when he looked in my direction, I excitedly waved and squealed, "HI!!" And he smiled real big and waved at me ^-^ SO happy I at least got that :heart: We went to a panel I was looking forward to called, "So you want to be a youtuber?" And my sister and her boyfriend got bored and left me there, promising they'll be back. I learned a few things from the panel, I was happy with it ^.^ but the best part was when I was on my way out, I was on the escalator going down, I saw PeanutButterGamer walk through the door, surrounded by the light of the sun (not even kidding, that's what it looked like).

Let me tell you a little story before I continue. A few years ago, I started college and I felt so out of place. I kept berating myself because I felt like I was too old to be going to college and I didn't have any friends. And then I got really sick (about as sick as I am right at this moment, UGH). I was laying in bed really miserable and watching youtube videos on my Xbox when I came across PBG's Harvest Moon Animal Parade review. He made me laugh, and the next thing I knew I was marthoning all his reviews! It made me feel so much better (and possibly helped me recover faster), and I felt like I had found a "friend" finally. Since then, I've become a fan of several other reviewers, but it all started with him, and he's been a big source of inspiration for me.

SO. I see him come through the door. And I start saying my sisters name trying to get her attention, "Angel! Angel!" But I was a little too quiet, she didn't hear me. We got off the escalator, and I grabbed her arm, "Angel!"

"What?" She turned towards me, and her boyfriend continued walking.

"That's PeanutButterGamer!" I pointed his way, and he had just stepped on the escalator going up. I was going to just LET HIM GO, and Angel knew that I would (she told me later), so she RAN AFTER HIM ^^; And after a split second, I was right behind her! But she stopped right behind him not knowing what to do beyond that. So I stepped up right next to him, and he didn't notice me. I silently looked at him for just a moment, took a deep breath, and went, "PBG?"

He jumped a little, "Yes?"

"Hi, I'm a big fan!" He smiled, shook my hand and asked for my name, then I pointed out my sister behind him, and he repeated the same process. We got to the top of the escalator, and Angel's boyfriend had caught up to us. He immediately noticed that we were overly excited and didn't know what to do, so he asked PBG if we could get a photo together :excited: He took the photo, and it was a crappy picture of all three of us! DAMNIT, JOE (but I put my hand on his shoulder... yeeaah I touched him ;P lmao). But you can see how excited I was. After that, I can't really remember what I did exactly o.O; did I even say "thank you" or "bye"? D: actually, that's kind of funny ^^; I think I said, "I'm shaking" and then darted off LOL. I didn't meet anyone else, but I was fine with it. My brother met two of my other favorite youtubers, BrutalMoose and SpaceHamster. A little jealous, but I'm okay with it XD

Quickly right after meeting PBG I started losing my voice :dead: I was already a little sick with a head cold, but I must have caught something else while I was there, because new symptoms hit me full force out of nowhere x_x and at this moment, I feel like I've been hit in the face with a shovel!! Because my entire face HURTS. But you know what?! I'm STILL HAPPY :D YEP. I got a smile and wave from Steve Zaragoza, I met PBG, and I got a 100% on my essay (which the instructor noted that she hardly ever gives 100% on essays ^-^ Wow!), and I'm walking away with two B's and another A! Grades are picking up!! Life is good!

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My name is Yennon, and I'm an aspiring writer. I'm also a college student, studying English and psychology. I'm on dA mostly to blog these days, and share my selfies ^^; I used to write fanfiction. Used to... I cannot bring myself to write lemony goodness anymore, lol.

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