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About a month ago, I decided to join a sex MMO, simply out of curiosity. I have no regrets whatsoever. I've shown off parts of my body, which I was sure I'd regret, but I don't. I no longer think I'm gross, or that I'm less desirable than everybody else. I've learned very well that I am very desirable, sexy, and the fact that I'm fat doesn't matter to everyone. I even showed one person I got very close to what my face looks like without makeup, and he told me I was naturally beautiful and didn't need it Love 

I have a young man in Denmark writing a song about our passionate times together (and he makes me little sexy videos ;D so hot), a young British boy writing me love notes every morning, a sexy red headed woman taking gorgeous pictures of herself for me, and a man from Illinois who I am going to be meeting VERY soon.

You heard that right. A man from Illinois that I've gotten a little close to is going to take me away to a hotel, where we're going to have a lot of sex ;P No strings attached! I'm human, I have needs, anyone who opposes this can kiss my ass! It's consensual sex between two people Kiss 

I am being very careful. I'm not using my real name, real email address, and I'm very vague about where I'm from. My pictures that I share don't have my face in them. And the guy I decided to meet did NOT pressure me at all. How it happened was while we were idly chatting, he mentioned that he was going to be coming to Washington to help his brother move. He had no idea that I'm in Washington. I started thinking about meeting him straight away, but didn't say anything until a few days later, implying I'd be more than happy to meet him. I've let others know what's going down, giving them information on him. Then I let him know I did that. If he's planning to murder me, he knows very well it's a dumb as shit idea! Also, he'll be picking me up at my apartment, but he doesn't have any clue which apartment number is mine. So he can't come back and murder me ;P (it's also a secured building, so he can't come in and try to figure it out). I will leave my credit cards and social security card at home. I'm already on the pill, and he's planning on using condoms. We're both being safe ^-^

I feel amazing ^.^ I've had some VERY amazing experiences in the MMO, too. My Denmark lover and I over a week ago had such an amazing time together... it was as if all the miles between us didn't exist. We were connected by some sort of spiritual connection, and it felt so real! I had never felt more incredible in all my life. I am dead serious! He felt it too ^-^ we both just sat in game afterwards just talking about how fucking amazing we felt, until we parted ways so we could both nap ^.~ I totally wish I could visit Denmark!!! La la la la WOW.

I have been so happy lately ^-^ I've been smiling a lot more, I feel very sexy, I'm not too self-conscious anymore :heart: I'm just so happy with myself Love

How suggestive is this emoticon??? Lick

I should be meeting him in a few weeks or so ^.~ I'm very excited!
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So, I've been sleeping all day again. I woke up in total darkness on Wednesday night and blindly searched for my cell phone. I had a text from my dad, and this is what it said, "sis o.k. in hospitel. need proseager."

First... let me attack my dad just a little bit. WTF dad?!?!? WHICH sister?! Did you forget you have three daughters??? If you had said "bro" instead of "sis" I would have known which brother, because I only have the ONE. And what do you mean she's okay when she's in the hospital and needs a procedure?! GAH!!! ... I love you, though -.- I don't care that you spell funny, it isn't your fault you have a reading disorder or whatever. Just get better at handing out information, geez x-x

I immediately call my mom. "Mom, what's going on?!"

"Jessica is-"

"Is the baby okay?!"

"Let me speak..!"

"*deep breath* Okay."

"Jessica's cervix is open. They're going to stitch her up in about an hour. There's a 92% chance the baby will be okay. If she developes an infection, they will remove the stitches and remove the baby. But that's only an 8% chance it will happen. I will stay with her in the hospital until she's okay to go home."

I got off the phone with my mom and immediately text Jessica, "You're going to be okay. Emily will be okay too. I love you both :heart:" About three hours later she texts me back, "Love you too#" (I think she had meant to put a ! there)

She's doing okay so far. She'll be on bed rest until she gives birth, though :/ it's for the best. She's looking on the bright side... she doesn't have to work for a long time ^^; and her boyfriend is taking great care of her. My parents and my other sister live in the same apartment complex too, if her boyfriend is out and she needs something. So I'm a lot less worried than I was before.

And if you didn't catch it, they finally settled on a name. She's going to be called Emily Catherine. She started kicking my sister in the belly a week ago, and she's been kicking her non-step ever since, and it's started to bug my sister, LOL. Jessica said seeing her on the ultrasound all kicking and punching was amazing. Sounds like we're going to have a very energetic kid!
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Myniece by MissYennon
This is my niece, currently at 18 weeks. She doesn't have a name yet, but they will settle on something eventually, lol. I counted the fingers, too. There's five. Phew!
I realized I've totally forgotten to let anyone know I'm going to be an Aunt ^^; When I learned of this, at first I was kind of upset. Right before I got the news, I learned that I have PCOS which will make it difficult for me to have children, and if I did get pregnant, I have a higher risk of miscarrying. As well, it puts me at a greater risk of getting diabetes (like the risk wasn't high enough already). So, the news hurt a little bit. But, after a while I became pretty happy. We know she's having a girl now, and we got a picture of her and we can see her little hand ^-^ she won't be here until July. GOOD, a summer child! Most my family were born in the fall, and it hurts my wallet every Christmas! I have to buy christmas presents AND birthday presents, it's pretty lame!

There you go, there's some nice news, for once ^^;

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It's not what I normally make, like I mentioned in my last journal. I wanted to work with real video footage, so that was my focus. It's short, but I'm really proud of this one. I hope you guys like it!

If you're curious, I am feeling better, although I'm a lot more lazier than usual. I hope the laziness fucks off soon, because there are things I have to get done, lol.

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My name is Yennon, and I'm an aspiring writer. I'm also a college student, studying English and psychology. I'm on dA mostly to blog these days, and share my selfies ^^; I used to write fanfiction. Used to... I cannot bring myself to write lemony goodness anymore, lol.

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